Classical & Experimental Drawing Classes – Vancouver Jul 10th – Aug 14th



“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions” – Leonardo DaVinci


Do you want to learn the basics of drawing and break new ground through experimentation like the masters did? Are you also interested in learning more about yourself and in achieving healing and enlightenment through your artistic expression? Then you are welcome to join me for a unique experience in “Classical & Experimental Drawing” with a focus on art history and self-exploration.

What To Expect

This class will give you the opportunity to learn from the wealth of artistic heritage that art history has to offer. Through an exploration of the work of masters in each artistic movement your practice will blossom and flourish. You can also expect to gain greater fulfilment as you plumb the depths of that deep reservoir of artistic inspiration that lies within each of us.


Class Description

Key artists will be discussed and their unique styles and techniques will be imitated with the use of a variety of materials as you makes drawings in different genres such as still-life drawing, life-drawing, self-portraiture, landscape, personal items, photographs and found material (you are welcome to bring any objects or items that you wish to work on for the class).

The class will be composed of two parts. The first component will focus on warm-up sketching with a brief study of a specific artistic movement such as impressionism, cubism, contemporary art, etc. The second component of the class will take the techniques previously explored and work will be created over a longer period of time. This will include lots of introspective exploration that can deal with any themes, issues or experiences from life that you wish.

Please note that the level of engagement and sharing of personal issues with the class will be entirely at your own discretion. In order to get the most out of the time allotted there will be a brief amount of time given to discuss the personal themes you would like to explore. In order to respect the delicacy and comfort level of this type of exploration for each individual, you will take ideas that come up during the class and continue to develop them during the week on your own projects. This will allow for plenty of private introspection which is only fully effective in solitude. The amount of work you do is entirely up to you! Discussion and feedback will be given at the beginning of class on any work you have completed outside class.

A minor homework assignment will be given each week where you will research a specific artist of your choice from the artistic movement that will be explored in the next class and bring examples of their work with you to work with.

In the interest of the environment, tuition will be primarily paper-free (excluding paper for drawing on of course!) and the use of technology will be the MO. Please bring your smartphone, iPad or laptop. Out of respect for the class and your fellow students please refrain from calling and texting during class time.


Book Now

Classes will be located at Michael’s Store 1022 Alberni St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1A3, CAN and will be held on Wednesdays from July 10th to August 14th.

Classes are limited to 12 so be sure to book early. Click here to book your place.


“The interior is palatial” – Anonymous