Ten Years Later – a very short story

Ten Years Later

The pigeon flew toward my face on the crowded main street. A clip on the forehead by a claw but a near miss. The same threat from looming faces.
   Two women trundled over to ask if I was all right. One of them dragged a child.
   “Good Jesus, you’re lucky he didn’t take your eye out! And we only saw The Birds last night,” she blared, half at me, half at her companion who swished her fingers in the sign of a cross on her chest.
    “That happened to me in Venice. This bould little thing throwing peanuts at me,” she said, shaking her shackled arm with the little culprit who at the end of it, eye level with one large brown button restraining an apocalyptic bosom.
    The little girl was about eight. She seemed to be in shock, her face bookended by two hot ears. Her face wore an impossible expression, one that implicated her as the perpetrator of my attack. I was handed a tissue.
    “Thank you,” I said, trying to wipe the funky volucrine invasion from my face.
    They smiled perfunctorily, advised me to see a doctor for a shot, and took their leave. For no reason I could account for, I found myself glaring after the little girl being hauled away. She peered back at me. In a silent gesture she placed her hand upon her chest like an idol. It filled me with a sense of doom. 

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The Wishmartin – A Slip of Fiction

Lord is it so make me unlove him the Wishmartin sick sick luck it is my suffer to be one kill Lord because he’s finally gone and so is the other one that got off me and it’s as if should these bad dying boys but never have gotten to michael Michael and on so much beach wish kiving gissess and ease gentle head hand give me up sink teeth round my tickling wisp warring open glow go warbly blue eyed straight shoot to pupil centre my  boom suck up in green seas he lifts long for a slip sweet O isn’t there much kicking wish to finger twixt the rolling isn’t it 

“She Tied To A Tree” – short fiction

She Tied To A Tree 

Awoke by bushes fingers that too and something else something wrong yes awoke noticed limbs tied to a tree did he to her with it not-heavy she pulled a limb tight very a mouth felt inside head knew there may be a hole where the mouth wore in there a Continue reading ““She Tied To A Tree” – short fiction”